Test for Life

24 02 2015


They said I must be tested.

I just had a little cold!

So why must I be pestered,

And why is everyone so bold?

I continued getting ill,

My job was now in danger.

I tried to work & function still.

To my friends I became a stranger.

At the clinic I heard about a test;

About life-style and treatment.

I learned about counseling & the rest,

And how to make an appointment.

The counselor was very kind,

All my questions were answered.

The informed consent was signed.

At last my secret fears were heard.

My CD4s are low & the viral load is high.

The counselor held my hand.

“Tell me, am I soon going to die,

Will they bury me in the sand?”

“No, no, no!” at the clinic they say,

“There is so much we can do.

First change your life in work & play,

We’ll support & stand by you!”

My life has changed & I am better,

From medication I’ll never be free.

I follow a diet plan to the letter,

Each three months the doctor I see.

Please join me to spread the news:

There is life, even after infection.

Many may come with different views,

But nothing ever beats prevention.

©Teresa Denton 2005



The 31st Year

2 02 2013

It first appeared and we’ve reached the 31st year

Across the world scientists are still busy

Researching preventions or possible cures

It’s not my problem, it won’t happen here.


It spread across the world since that fateful year,

The virus respects no race, class, age or sex.

The world is alerted and prevention is preached.

Maybe I do have something to fear.


HIV is still infecting even in the 31st year

Young, old, rich and poor are daily affected

Orphans created on a regular bases.

“What can I do?” I say, and shed a tear.     TN_CROWD


What have I done since that fateful year?

Have I ever held out a helping hand?

On the day of reckoning can I hold my head high?

When you call for help, will I hear?

©Teresa Denton


A Love to Know

1 12 2012

I fell in love with you,

We were a fantastic couple.

I’ll spend my life with you,

You were the best I had known.

An HIV positive status was shown

‘Give it to me; I’ll die with you’

‘Till death us do part’ we said,

Let that commitment be known.

Soon afterwards you left me,

To infect another victim was sure.

I felt betrayed and deserted,

Alone, if only I had known.

Love, acceptance and care

Greeted me at the health clinic.

Medication manages my illness,

Precious life; you should’ve known.

©Teresa Denton


A World Apart

14 10 2012

If we think we are a world apart.

How can we be expected to understand

the lives of the HIV infected and their kin?

Surely we can’t be expected to play a part!

Even if we are a world apart,

we can expel fear by getting informed

about the condition known as HIV or Aids.

With up to date knowledge we can start.

Our lives may be a world apart,

but we can encourage friends and family

to get tested and know their status.

Each life we save will play a part.

Our future is not at all a world apart.

We cannot ignore because no one is safe.

Keep virus free with active prevention

and show the positive that we have a heart.

©Teresa Denton


How I View

21 09 2012

Whether the effect is severe or mild, 

Remember that this is just a child, 

Who may have lost a father or mother; 

Friend; a cousin; a sister or brother.

Try to help in practical way

Do what you can to lighten the days.

Bring some food, blankets or clothes.

It need not be heaps of loaves.

Offer the care giver a break in the day,

She may be tired & too shy to say.

If medicines or checks have to be done,

Invent some games to make it fun.

And when it comes near to the end

Anyone so sick will need a friend.

Give a hug, a kiss and some love,

You’ll get strength and help from above.

These little people did not do wrong

They don’t deserve to suffer so long.

If we could all lend a willing hand,

We’ll bring light to our suffering land.

©Teresa Denton


The Abyss

30 06 2012

Darkness, despair, fear and tears,

Trapped in an abyss of black.

There is no way out of here!

Darkness, despair, fear and tears.

Does no one hear my desperate cries? 

Will I never get out of here? 

Darkness , despair, fear and tears,

I look to the heavens for a glimmer of light.

There must be a way out of here!
Effort, endurance, hope and help,

With courage, and determination

I inch my way out of here.

When we join hands to fight the fight.

And hear the desperate cries for help

We’ll  throw that rope to get you out of there.

Effort, endurance, hope and help.

The Virus is the beginning of life,

When you get out of here. 

Effort, Endurance, Hope and Help

We care because we share to ……

Get all others out of there!

©Teresa Denton 2011


HIV Starts with Me

28 05 2012

It starts with me…….

It’s like planting a little tree.

A seedling of ‘positive attitude’,

Will grow and affect a multitude.


It starts with me…………

Changes I make you may not see.

I may not find a viable solution,

But in a small way I’ll make a contribution


It starts with me………

From fear and ignorance you’ll be free.

I’ll convince you to have a test,

You’ll get care, treatment and all the rest.


It starts with me……….

I’ll strive to keep the negative HIV free.

For the future I must now prepare,

And prove to all that I really care!

It starts with me!

©Teresa Denton 2010


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