The Virus Invades

1 05 2012

(You are never too old, too clever or too highly qualified to read a story….)

An alien arrived on a planet far, far away from his home planet. In order for him to survive on this planet he needed to observe the inhabitants and familiarise himself with the environment.

The biggest threat to him and his survival was the army and police force.

Somehow, he needed to immobilise the security of this planet, but the numbers of soldiers and policemen were to high for him to tackle alone. He somehow had to get to the persons who controlled the forces and then he could have much more success to live on this planet. Soldiers and policemen and women need generals to command them.

Our little alien soon spotted the generals who had to be targeted. He then planned a strategy to win the battle.

He would hijack a general, prepare the general to become an incubator. Then the eggs will be deposited in the body of the general, where they could hatch and grow to maturity. When the babies were mature enough to live on there own they would leave the general’s body and the general would die.

Our little alien knew that if each of the little aliens found another general, for their life cycle, all the generals would soon be weakened and die. The defence of the planet would then become ineffective and the aliens could take over the whole planet easily……….

The story ends here!

The Invasion of the Human Body

The human immunodeficiency virus arrived at the human body. The immune system was too strong for him so he targeted the control system which were the CD4 cells.

The CD4 cells were prepared to become incubators for the little viruses. The virus changed the human DNA into RNA which is the ideal environment for the viruses to grow and mature.

The mature viruses leave the CD4 cell to enter the bloodstream and to find some more CD4 cells to enter and continue their life cycle. When the viruses leave, each CD4 cell dies and so the CD4 count in the bloodstream goes down and the viral count goes up.

Once the immune system of the human is compromised it becomes very easy for any virus, fungus or bacteria to invade.

The human body continuously replenishes CD4 cells and the antiretroviral drugs suppresses the various processes in the cycle.

We will not lie down, surrender and let HIV take over!

Fight back!

© Teresa Denton


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