The 31st Year

2 02 2013

It first appeared and we’ve reached the 31st year

Across the world scientists are still busy

Researching preventions or possible cures

It’s not my problem, it won’t happen here.


It spread across the world since that fateful year,

The virus respects no race, class, age or sex.

The world is alerted and prevention is preached.

Maybe I do have something to fear.


HIV is still infecting even in the 31st year

Young, old, rich and poor are daily affected

Orphans created on a regular bases.

“What can I do?” I say, and shed a tear.     TN_CROWD


What have I done since that fateful year?

Have I ever held out a helping hand?

On the day of reckoning can I hold my head high?

When you call for help, will I hear?

©Teresa Denton


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